Steering Handwheel

Kavlico’s ergonomically designed, easy-to-use SHW provides signal indication via an internal RVDT. Operation of the unit downwardly actuates a single pole, double throw switch. This then signals that the handwheel is activated. Once the signal has been received, motion to the right or to the left is sensed by the integral RVDT. The signal moves the nosewheel left or right, steering the aircraft.
This device has been designed to comply with the specifications for the ARJ 21 Regional Jet.

Key Product Features

  • Utilizes Kavlico designed & manufactured RVDT
  • Smooth return to center damper
  • Simple 4-screw mount permits rapid line replacement
  • 250,000 flight hours MTBF
  • Design meets FAR part 25 and RTCA-160
steering handwheel