Speed Brake

Kavlico’s Speed Brake is a new addition to our line of pilot controls. This device like Kavlico’s full line of cockpit controls meets the minimum weight, small envelope, and high reliability demanded by today’s aerospace industry. Durable and ergonomically friendly, the Speed Brake’s high reliability has been verified through extensive testing.
Once the Speed Brake lever has been disengaged from the stow position detent, there are no further position detents, allowing for smooth motion with sufficient friction to prevent lever creep during operational vibration conditions. This device may be specified with wither three or four RVDTs to comply with the application-specific requirements of each system.
This device has been designed to comply with the specifications for the Gulfstream G250 Business Jet.

Key Product Features

  • Incorporates 3 or 4 channel RVDT
  • Detent at the stow position
  • Optional retained installation hardware (Dzus 1/4 turn) permits rapid line replacement (option not shown)
  • Foreign Object Debris (FOD) shield with wipers designed to prevent entry of cockpit debris, fluids, and dust
  • 100,000 flight hours MTBF predicted
speed brake