Flight Spoiler Control Lever

Kavlico’s FSCL contains many features common to Kavlico’s overall line of pilot control products. Once the button is depressed on the FSCL handle, the lever can be moved out of the stow position. As the lever moves, the output signals from the RVDTs change. These signals are processed in the flight control computer and the spoilers move to the commanded position (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or Max. Emer.).
This device has been designed to comply with the specifications for Bombardier Business Jets.

Key Product Features

  • 4-channel RVDT position feedback
  • Locked stow
  • 9 soft detents
  • Emergency position gated to prevent inadvertent movement
  • LED illuminated panel (LRU)
  • 70,000 flight hours MTBF
flight spoiler control lever