Kavlico premium-quality position sensors are perfectly designed for the nuclear, oil and gas, mining, steel, and wind industries.
Specializing in reliable position sensing products for harsh environments, Kavlico Sensors provide Linear and rotary inductive (non-contacting) products, intrinsically safe, North American & ATEX certified for hazardous area use and utilize stainless steel, environmentally sealed, shock-proof, and explosion-proof technologies to provide the highest performance of position sensing solutions for any challenging application.?

Kavlico’s rotary (RVDT) and linear (LVRT and LVDT) products can be found in such applications as stop valves used in steam driven power generation at nuclear power plants to aero derivative engines used as peaking units at conventional power stations.
Kavlico is legendary for its high quality and reliability products. ?Kavlico products can be used in high vibration applications where non-contacting long-lasting position feedback is essential.