Are you looking for an easy way to read and control pressure data when the conduit is hidden from view?

Kavlico Pressure Sensors has the answer to your needs – PS1C, the simple switch with display that can be linked to a separate pressure sensor, such as Kavlico’s PTE5000, P1E and P1A delivering a clear view of accurate pressure information even if the conduit runs in a hard to access location.?

The perfect fit! Connect the PS1C to our PTE5000 and the P1A.


Easy to mount

  • Flexible mounting options: remotely with an electrical jumper or directly on the pressure transmitter
  • Quick fix brackets, for vertical,?horizontal placement, or attachment to a pipe
  • Rotating body

Easy to set up

  • Fast and intuitive configuration of just three parameters:?
    display range, set point, reset point
  • Adjustment screws compatible with standard screwdrivers

Easy to maintain

  • Display status tested at each device start up & confirmed by display light up
  • Convenient replacement without interrupting the pressure in the system

Main Features

?Displayed Value ?Range: ?-14.5 to 6000 with 27 Selectable Value ?Ranges
?Power Supply: ?24 VDC
?Electrical Connection: ?M12 Female, 4 pin Output: M12 Male, 4 Pin
?Digital Output: ?PNP or NPN, NO/NC Programmable
?Output Signal: ?4 - 20 mA
?Degree of Protection: ?IP65, IP67, and IP69K
?Operating ?Temperature: ?-20°C to +70°C
?Certifications: ?CE, cULus

Product Photos

To find out more about the PS1C, please contact us.